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The south west female founders behind our brands

We have some really innovative and creative owners of sustainable businesses here in the South West who just happen to be incredible women too.

Here are some of the inspirational women behind the products you can find in the No Plastic Shop.


Gifts On The Road Gift Set £35.00 Add to cart Rose Gift Set (vegan) £34.00 Add to cart Baby Gift Set £26.00 Add to cart Moor and Sea Gift Set £25.00 Add to cart Organic Essence Pure Shea Butter £17.50 Add to cart Stainless Steel Water Bottle – 500ml £13.50 Add to cart Reusable Baguette […]

Love your soap bar this #Soaptember

Soaptember is here and we want you to embrace our talented local soapmakers and the humble bar of soap rather than the plastic packaged alternatives with these 5 good reasons why soap bars really are the greenest option. If you are still not convinced, why not give them a try – this Soaptember get £1 […]

DIY Beauty : anti aging face mask

This unbelievably easy 2-ingredient face mask takes vitamin A from the avocado to restore collagen and produce new cells, whilst using protein from the egg whites to tighten pores and firm up the skin. Anti-aging Mask Method: Add 1 egg white to a bowl, then gradually mix in mashed avocado. The end result should be […]

The Plastic Free Beauty Edit

Indulge yourself without the environmental impact with our range of luxurious and practical earth friendly bathroom products.