Family toothbrush set

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Save 15% off with this set of 2 adult and 2 children Hydrophil bamboo toothbrushes.

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£3.99 £3.39
£3.99 £3.39
£3.99 £3.39

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Save 15% off with this set of 2 adult and 2 child Hydrophil bamboo toothbrushes.

Adult toothbrushes come in 1 natural coloiur and 1 light blue colour. Kids toothbrushes come in 1 red colour and 1 blue colour.

Made from bamboo with  biodegradable nylon4* bristles. BPA free and 100% vegan.

Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on our bamboo toothbrushes.

*Nylon 4 is a type of plastic, however, it does biodegrade. Current non-plastic options are limited to non-EU sourced boar’s hair, which I am not willing to endorse.

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