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11 in stock

Bamboo toothbrush in blue colour, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable.

  • bamboo toothbrush
  • bpa free
  • colour: blue
  • style: tooth brush for adults
  • bristles: soft
  • tooth brush is made from bamboo, bristles from biodegradable nylon4
  • eco friendly
  • 100% vegan
  • lightweight (17g)
  • susbtitutes plastic tooth brushes that harm our environment
  • other colours available

Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on our bamboo tooth brushes.

Nylon 4 is a type of plastic. However, it does biodegrade. Current non-plastic options are limited to non-EU sourced boar’s hair, which I am not willing to endorse.

Items are shipped via Royal Mail to the UK and EU. Costs are calculated at check out. Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh

Weight 0.28 kg

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