Soaptember is here and we want you to embrace our talented local soapmakers and the humble bar of soap rather than the plastic packaged alternatives with these 5 good reasons why soap bars really are the greenest option.

If you are still not convinced, why not give them a try – this Soaptember get £1 off all soap bars in No Plastic Shop.

Detergent free

Body washes and liquid soaps are actually more detergent than soap, using surfactants to create the cleaning (and foaming) effect rather than the fat used in traditional soap making.  The soaps that we stock combine olive, coconut and sunflower oils as a base with no added synthetic ingredients. 

Less waste

Researchers have found that people use 6 times more liquid soap than solid soap when washing their hands. That’s a lot of extra product being literally washed down the sink.

Low carbon footprint

The soap bars that we stock are made right here on Dartmoor. The Dartmoor Soap Company and the Dartmoor Skincare Company are both within 20 miles of the No Plastic Shop HQ meaning no unnecessary shipping.

Plastic free

Unlike most body washes and liquid soaps, our soap bars are completely plastic free. No plastic wrappers, bottles or pumps required.

Perfectly formed

There’s a reason why the basic recipe and design of bars of soap has been around for six thousand years and that’s because it works. Soap bars are small bundles of cleaning efficiency that are easy to stack, store and travel with.