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DIY Beauty : firming night cream

The combination of turmeric and yogurt in this night cream helps calm, moisturise and maintain elasticity in the skin. Firming Night Cream Method: Soak 10 almonds overnight then the following
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DIY beauty deoorant

DIY Beauty : natural deodorant

Use just 4 kitchen cupboard staples to create your own deodorant that will combat armpit odour naturally. With arrowroot powder to absorb moisture, coconut oil to moisturise, bicarbonate of soda
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DIY beauty everyday moisturiser

DIY Beauty : everyday moisturiser

White rice has been used in Japanese skin regimes for centuries due to its hydrating, moisturising and protective properties and this recipe for a homemade everyday moisturiser won’t disappoint.  Method:
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DIY beauty cleanse & tone

DIY Beauty : cleanse & tone

Gentle Make-Up Remover Virgin coconut oil is such a simple swap for your regular make-up remover and you’ll find it’s just as effective, if not better! Coconut oil gently breaks
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DIY beauty hair rinses

DIY Beauty : hair rinses

Whether you use shampoo bars or commercial products, all hair can benefit from an occasional clarifying rinse to remove product build-up and restore the PH balance of your scalp. Apple
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DIY beauty anti aging face mask

DIY Beauty : anti aging face mask

This unbelievably easy 2-ingredient face mask takes vitamin A from the avocado to restore collagen and produce new cells, whilst using protein from the egg whites to tighten pores and
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