Green Resolutions for 2021

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on positive changes we want to make to our lives. This year, embrace changes that will also have an impact on the world with 5 green resolutions for 2021.

Reduce your digital carbon footprint 

2020 was the year we involuntarily reduced our carbon footprint with commutes abandoned and summer flights cancelled, but our digital carbon footprint has soared.

Our online habits are estimated to contribute to 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions. So what steps can we take to reduce our digital footprint? 

Start by reducing the amount of emails you send by using Dropbox or other file sharing system to manage documents and collaborate on work. Turn your phone, computer and other devices off when not in use, rather than leave them in energy draining sleep mode. Most importantly, for our mental health as well the environmental impact, consciously choose to turn off your device when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling out of boredom.

Ditch fast fashion

It is a sad truth that fast fashion comes at a huge human and environmental cost. The fashion industry not only produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions and uses 1.5 trillion litres of water annually, but fast fashion is powered by cheap labour and an exploited workforce.

If you are looking for ways to beat the urge to shop and rediscover the love for clothes you already own, why not try Livia Firth’s #30wears challenge, follow Slow Fashion Challenge or explore the ethos behind #Project333.

Switch to a green search engine

Every google search uses energy equivalent to turning on a light bulb for 17 seconds and with more than 87000 google searches per second, that’s one heck of a lot of energy consumption. 

There is a new generation of search engines that are committed to doing good by offsetting their carbon footprint or donating profits to environmental causes globally. 

Ecosia is the most well-known green search engine. It runs on renewable energy and uses profits to plant trees. It has so far, planted more than 115,000,000 trees.

Ekoru uses Bing for its searches, but donates 60% of its profits to two ocean clean up non-profits who clean plastics from the oceans and reforest the ocean floor with sea grasses.

Eat less meat

We all know that global meat production carries a large environmental burden, using  77% of global farming land but only producing 37% of the world’s protein. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended that to help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, each person in the UK needs to cut the meat and dairy they consume by 20%. The omnivores amongst us should embrace meat free days each week, which is no hardship with the abundance of lovely vegetarian and vegan recipes available. A great book to get you started with flexitarian inspiration is Part Time Vegetarian by Nicola Graimes.

Make your money work for good with an ethical bank

The term ethical bank may sound like an oxymoron, but there are a new generation of banks that aim to clean up the reputation of the finance industry with socially responsible investment and fair payment of tax. Make sure that your hard earned money is not financing an industry that conflicts with your beliefs; when researching for an ethical bank that suits you, look out for investments in fossil fuels, the oil and gas industry and the arms industry. Ethical Consumer have a great breakdown of UK high street banks and their ethical ranking (although full rankings are only available to subscribers). Triodos Bank and the Ecology Building Society are both widely recognised for their environmental ideology. 

I’d love to hear about the green resolutions that you will be making in 2021 or if you have had success with any of these listed already. 

To make the New Year even greener, I will be sending out 31 days of greenspiration in January with 31 ways to make your home and life more sustainable. 

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The Green Christmas Gift Guide

A round up of some of my favourite sustainable products to find under the tree this year.

From stocking fillers to The Big Gift, these presents celebrate the best in small producers, ethical supply chains or sustainability. How many will make your list?

Under £20

Marine Conservation Society enamel mug

Support the work of the Marine Conservation Society with this enamel mug, perfect for outdoor adventures. £6
Why I love it: The Marine Conservation Society is at the forefront of protecting our oceans, with campaigns like the Great British Beach Clean Up

Kind Bag

Reduce plastic waste with this reusable shopping bag made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. £10
Why I love it: Not only does this bag repurpose waste plastic, but 10% of profits go to the charity, Just One Ocean

Boxed soaps

Vegan, handcrafted boxed soap in five gorgeous scents. £6.50
Why I love it: these soaps are made in small batches right here on Dartmoor, smell divine and are cruelty free

Recycled Candle Company firelighters

Set of 6 Firelighters made from recycled candle wax. £15
Why I love it: The Recycled Candle Company collects waste wax destined for landfill and repurposes it into beautiful new candles and these firelighters

Wyatt and Jack earrings

Earrings made from PVC off-cuts on sterling silver hooks for pierced ears. £14.50
Why I love it: These earrings are created using the PVC from discarded paddling pools and bouncy castles, giving it a second life

Calm Cocoa taster pack

Taster pack of an ethical and fairtrade hot chocolate in a compostable bag. £4.25
Why I love it: Created by a meditation teacher to create a mindful moment with ethically sourced, fairtrade chocolate

Bamboo Cutlery Set

USDA certified organic bamboo adult knife, fork and spoon. £8
Why I love it: never use single use plastic cutlery again with this handy organic bamboo set

Eden Project bee hotel

A dewdrop bee and bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees and shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. £19.95
Why I love it: beautiful and practical bee hotel which helps support the conservation work of The Eden Project in Cornwall

Moonie muslin cloth set

A triple-layered 100% unbleached muslin cloth set, handmade in Dorset. £7.50
Why I love it: these cloths get softer with every use and stop the use of disposable wipes

Surfers Against Sewage reusable face mask

Prevent disposable face masks ending up in our oceans with a Surfers Against Sewage organic cotton face mask. £10
Why I love it: disposable face masks are being increasingly found in our oceans, this reusable mask is a great alternative and supports the incredible work of Surfers Against Sewage


Cornwall Candle Company soy candle

Natural soy wax candle with a cotton eco-wick and reusable amber jar with aluminium lid. £22
Why I love it: these candles are hand poured and contain 100% pure botanical essential oils, natural ingredients and have reusable and recyclable packaging

Socko darning egg

Solid wood darning eggs. Each egg comes with a swatch of yarn and a darning needle. £30
Why I love it: Learn to mend your clothes with this hand-turned, beautiful darning egg made from reclaimed beech wood.

Baba and Boo cloth nappy gift set

Reusable cloth nappy gift set with matching wet bag. £20.75
Why I love it: Prevent disposable nappies heading for landfill and save money with this cloth nappy set which comes in more than 20 different patterns

Manchester Glass Works handblown decoration

Limited edition, handblown glass Christmas bauble. £25
Why I love it: crafted by hand, this is a decoration that you will want to keep for generations

Goober natural wax crayons

Fun Lego shaped crayons made from natural bean wax. £26
Why I love it: with bright patterns to appeal to kids and made from non-toxic ingredients

Prior Shop bobble hats

100% lambs wool handknitted bobble hat. £25
Why I love it: these hats are handknitted in Wiltshire and come in 4 gorgeous colours

Weaving Hope vegan play set

Handwoven cotton tofu and vegetables perfect for vegan toddler play time. £35
Why I love it: Vegan friendly, plastic-free and coloured with non-toxic dyes, these toys are made by women artisans in Sri Lanka, working within a guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organisation

Explorer’s Gift Set

The perfect plastic free gift set for men, women and anyone who enjoys outdoor adventuring. £29.50
Why I love it: combining some of the most popular products from the No Plastic Shop, this set comes in a reusable tin with gift tag

Good Things Gifts wooden pirate game

A beautifully hand-crafted and fair trade wooden pirate game. £29
Why I love it: this fun game is made from sustainably sourced wood and is hand made by fairly paid artisans in India

Turtle Doves recycled cashmere wrist warmers

Recycled cashmere wrist warmers. £26
Why I love it: these cosy wrist warmers are made using cashmere from post-consumer waste, and waste fabric from the fashion industry 

Pigeon Organics pyjamas in a bag

100% organic cotton kids pyjamas packed in a drawstring bag. £27.50
Why I love it: these pyjamas are 100% organic and made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices, the company also supports Womens Aid, Everyday Refugees and the Baby Bank Network


Bar Jewellery Ina necklace

Recycled 925 sterling silver and palladium necklace sourced from broken and unwanted jewellery. £75
Why I love this: not only is this necklace beautiful but the company has a strong commitment to sourcing recyled materials for all their jewellery.

Big Bean Bag Company beanbag chair

Bean Bag manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and filled with a compostable filling. £159.95
Why I love it: Cornish made, the Big Beanbag Company claim to be the world’s first truly green bean bag, containing a compostable biopolymer filling made from plants.

Davy J Classic Swimsuit

A classic swimsuit designed to survive the elements, made with econyl yarn from ghost fishing nets. £140
Why I love it: made from sustainable materials, this swimsuit is designed to last not be a single-season wonder

Tinker & Fix tool kit

Quality wood handled tools in a pressed steel box for make do and mending. £79.95
Why I love it: from a company that want us all to make, grow and mend, this tool set contains high quality tools that will last a lifetime

Tinkture Rose Gin refillable bottle

An organic, vegan Rose Gin made in Cornwall with a reusable wide mouth bottle for refills. £75
Why I love it: a heady rose infused gin, the bottle can be refilled with refill gin pouches or used as a beautiful jar in your home