4 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

We all know that we need to start reducing our plastic waste, but plastic is everywhere and it is hard to know where to start.

You can quickly become despondent when you start trying to cut out plastic from your life, but there are some simple steps that you can take that will reduce your waste and will make a big difference over a week, month, year and beyond.

Shop local

There is much emphasis on how much plastic waste comes from a weekly supermarket shop. However, instead of waiting for the supermarkets to catch up, choose to shop local now. 

Your local greengrocers and butchers may provide plastic bags, but you do not have to accept them. Take your own paper or reusable bags. At the greengrocers, you can empty the contents of a plastic punnet into your own bags and hand the punnet back, they will not mind. 

At the butchers or fishmongers, it is normal to be provided with plastic bags, as this is the most hygienic way for them to wrap raw meat and fish. But there is nothing stopping you from taking your own containers. They can weigh these before weighing your produce. 

You may feel a bit strange at first requesting these things, but independent suppliers tend to be extremely flexible and they won’t make an issue of it. If you use the same ones weekly, then they will do these things automatically.

Use a milkman

Milkmen still cover nearly every area in the country. Your local milkman can deliver milk, juice and often more to your doorstep in glass bottles that you can then return so they can be reused.

It sounds revolutionary, but it wasn’t many years ago that this was common place for all households.

Solid toiletries

We are accustomed to having most of our toiletries in plastic bottles. Shampoo, body lotion, shower gel and toothpaste all come in liquid form, encased in plastic. However, there are solid alternatives to all of these that come in zero waste packaging.

The solid versions also last a lot longer than their gel counterparts. Take a look at our zero waste bathroom products here.

Plan ahead 

Most people don’t enjoy buying water in bottles or spending money on coffee in disposable cups. This tends to happen when you get caught short. If your child suddenly gets thirsty and you don’t have a drink on you when you are out and about, you will buy them something and this will come in a single use plastic bottle.


Therefore, plan ahead. Get into the habit of having a drink with you. Take a packed lunch to work and don’t rely on the convenience of being able to buy pre-packaged food and drink wherever you go.